UCD Marian Basketball Club Programme


Individuals must remember that there can never be risk-free basketball and any basketball activity will come with inherent COVID-19 risks until there is a proven vaccine or treatment and a significant reduction of the disease in the population. Personal responsibility is therefore key to the return to basketball.
The UCD Marian Basketball Club COVID-19 Officer is Michael Brosnan. His telephone number is 087 9546786

Commitment from the Club.
There should be no pressure placed upon a player to attend a training session or game if they have symptoms or they feel like the environment is unsafe for them.
If during a session an individual feels uncomfortable with the management of the session, then there should be no pressure placed on that individual if they decide to opt-out of that session.
Please raise any concerns with Michael Brosnan or any of the coaching staff. The priority is to keep the players, the coaching staff and the support staff healthy.

Information and protocols
All players and coaches will register with the UCD Marian Clubforce App which will be used to monitor attendance at training and games and will be used, where necessary, in contact tracing.
No player/coach/support staff should attend training/match if unwell or any members of their household are unwell with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

What are the Common symptoms of Coronavirus?

  • A fever (high temperatures – 38c or above)
  • A cough – this can be any kind of cough, not just dry
  • Shortness of breath or breathing difficulties
  • Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything or things smell or taste different to normal.
  • Fatigue
  • Aches and pains
  • Sore throat (sometimes can be a symptom)
  • Headache (sometimes can be a symptom)

If you are in doubt about any symptoms you have, phone your GP.  Your doctor will discuss your symptoms with you and advise you on any steps you may need to take.

If your GP thinks you need a COVID-19Test, this will be arrangedvia the Public Health Service.

  • If symptoms of COVID-19 commenced within 48 hours of the training session or match. You should at this stage contact Michael Brosnan UCD Marian Basketball Club Covid 19 Officer.
  • Your name will not be disclosed to protect your anonymity.
  • All attendees of the session will be advised to isolate for 14 days (as per government guidelines in case symptoms arise).
  • If the individuals test is negative, no further action (the individual should be symptom free for 48 hours before returning to training/match).
  • If test is positive, contact tracing takes place by public health authorities who will determine who are close or casual contact. Due to the nature of the sport, we may be deemed close contacts and required to be tested.

If you had COVID-19 you should take a more gradual approach to return to exercise. At least ≥10 days from onset of symptoms plus 7 days from symptom resolution. If you had a severe illness, (i.e. you were hospitalised), you should consult with your GP/physician prior to returning to basketball.

We are working with Basketball Ireland and the Dublin Men’s Basketball Board on the scheduling of the Leagues.
We are also working with the authorities in Marian College, Oatlands College and UCD on the specific requirements which will operate in those facilities.
We very much appreciate our Covid 19 Committee and Covid 19 Supervisors commitment to join us as a support to the Club. We have and will continue to remind our members that it will be essential for everyone involved in the UCD Marian Basketball Club programme to comply with the Government and HSE guidelines as outlined in this document.

Michael Brosnan
UCD Marian Basketball Club
5th August 2020

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